Nowadays the "Imperial Porcelain Manufactory" produces about 4,000 types of products in a wide range:
from tea, coffee and dinner sets, genre and animal sculptures, decorative plates to banquet sets of presidential level, gifts to government officials and the heads of foreign states, prizes for major competitions and festivals. They are made of solid and bone china.
  Products are decorated in overglaze and underglaze painting, frequently using the rare and precious metals. The manufactory produces replicas of the museum's collection of XVIII-XX centuries, company tableware with a logo or monogram of the customer for special orders.
  For decades the set «Cobalt net» (S. E. Yakovleva, A. A. Yatskevich), hallmark of the manufactory, is in the great demand. It was awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels.
  Products labeled «ЛФЗ» (introduced in 1936) are exported to highly developed countries all over the world: USA, Germany, France, England, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Japan and others.

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АО "Императорский фарфоровый завод"
Императорский фарфоровый завод основан в 1744 году императрицей Елизаветой. Императорский завод остается первым по культурной ценности в России, его продукция - эталон художественного качества, образец высокого искусства. Мы располагаем уникальным продуктом, в который вложен опыт многовековой истории, гармонично сочетающийся с современными традициями и технологиями.
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